6 Places Selling Microgreens That Will Make You Money

Compared to their adult counterparts, microgreens are some of the most nutrient-rich and simple crops to grow. Given the short time, it takes from germination to harvest and how cheap they are to grow. This vegetable stage can be very profitable. Nine locations that sell microgreens and can earn you money are mentioned in this blog.

Locations Selling Microgreens That Will Make You Money

1. Farmers’ markets for Microgreens        

For those of you who are unfamiliar with what a farmers market is, it is a public event at which farmers or those who can represent farmers come together to sell their goods directly to customers. Eliminating the intermediary is one of the main advantages of farmers’ markets. Selling directly to customers, as opposed to through an intermediary, results in higher profit margins.

The fact that shoppers at farmers’ markets are typically seeking out healthier, more organic options gives farmers who are selling microgreens a wonderful opportunity to boost income.

2. Community-supported agriculture

A CSA is a system that links farmers and consumers so that the consumer can purchase a “share” of a farm in exchange for receiving a box of fresh food regularly. Selling your microgreens to a CSA is an excellent method to not only gain assured sales. It also forges long-lasting connections with individuals in the neighbourhood who may not otherwise be aware of you or your goods.

The fact that you have dependable clients means you can organise your production around a more predictable amount. It can assist you to avoid incurring expensive surpluses. The only drawback to selling your microgreens to a CSA is that they can impose certain limitations on the kinds or quantities of greens you can offer.

3. Dining establishments of Microgreens

For those of you who live close to a large city or have ties to the food industry, this choice will be fantastic. There is greater room for negotiation when it comes to price because food items in restaurants typically have a relatively high markup.

Additionally, if you can establish a rapport with a restaurant and become their go-to provider of microgreens. It could lead to some dependable sales, which is always good for business. The possible drawback of selling your microgreens to restaurants is that you may only receive orders from them seasonally or irregularly. Moreover, it can make production difficult to schedule. If you want to take this route, it is crucial to have a backup strategy for selling your microgreens.

4. Supermarkets or grocery stores

For those of you who have a large enough production to sustain supplying a grocery store or supermarket, this option will be the ideal choice.

The advantage of selling your microgreens to a grocery shop is that they frequently have a lot of foot traffic. It increases the likelihood that many people will see your greens. The potential drawback of this strategy is that you might have to cut your microgreens’ price to compete with the other options the supermarket provides. Before approaching any retailers about stocking your product, it’s crucial to perform your research on what the market price for microgreens is in your region.

5. Unique Stores

The benefit of selling your microgreens to a speciality retailer is that their customers are frequently searching for better quality. Also, the healthier selections, so you may be able to charge a premium price.

This method may have the drawback of limiting your customer base due to the lack of speciality retailers in your neighbourhood. Before spending too much time or money on this option, it’s crucial to complete your research and make sure there is a demand for your goods.

6. Fitness facilities and juice bars of Microgreens

For those of you who have nutritious microgreens, this is a fantastic option.

Selling your microgreens to juice bars and fitness facilities is a fantastic method. It makes sure that your product is being used effectively. Additionally, consumers are receiving the maximum nutritional benefit from it.

These kinds of companies are frequently on the lookout for fresh, nutritious ingredients. It includes in their goods and microgreens can be the ideal fit! Selling to juice bars and fitness centres has only one potential drawback. They could only be interested in buying from you if you can supply a sufficient amount at once.

A Note from Marking Millions

A good home-based business to start is selling microgreens. The nutrient-rich “vegetable confetti” is a fast-growing crop that can be cultivated inside using vertical farming. It only takes 1-2 weeks to harvest. It’s a wonderful moment to begin expanding! By 2028, the worldwide microgreens market is predicted to reach $2.2 billion.

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