Democracy As A Dynamic Form Of Government

It is “…of the people, for the people, and by the people”

Abraham Lincoln said at Gettysburg that “government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth,”. Additionally, these words also apply to the numerous soldiers who gave their lives for democracy over the next 150 years.

What is Democracy?

Even the worst dictatorships, like the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Now refer to themselves as democracies because the idea of democracy has become so sacred. But what precisely is democracy?

Giving the British people the chance to vote on whether or not to join the European Union. Even after giving them conflicting information about the repercussions of leaving was it democratic to do so? Was it democratic to solicit the Dutch people’s feedback on an association agreement with Ukraine for inappropriate purposes? (The committee behind the initiative acknowledged that it didn’t give a damn about Ukraine and instead sought to use the vote to either dissolve the European Union or kick the Netherlands out.)

Is it a sign of democracy when Dutch ministers hesitate to inform the public? To that the Netherlands is ceding a portion of its sovereignty to the European Union. Also, fearing that doing so will encourage people to support anti-European parties?

What is the method of Democracy?

It is obviously in grave danger if politicians think that citizens can’t be trusted to tell the truth. A government must respect and take seriously all people for a democracy to function, not only those who have cast ballots for that government. People should also be as well-informed as possible to exercise their democratic rights correctly.

Democracy is a method of resolving disputes within states, just as diplomacy is a method of resolving disputes between states. As a result, both frequently result in compromises between opposing viewpoints and interests. That is unquestionably the case when a decision necessitates agreement from both within and between states.

Democracy as a dynamic form of government

Democracy is a dynamic form of government that can only thrive when it is continually recreated. If a question has a straightforward yes/no response, it can be strengthened by a referendum. Democracy is jeopardised, though, when people are led to believe that a vote in one of these nations can resolve a complex issue involving the interests of multiple nations. Neither the future of the relationship between the EU and Ukraine nor the future of the relationship between the UK and the EU can be predicated on a binary yes or no.

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