Founder of Sugar Cosmetics-Vineeta Singh: How Vineeta Singh Became An Entrepreneur

Vineeta Singh’s thrilling, awe-inspiring achievement is an example of her determination and resilience. She started her entrepreneurial path at the age of 23 after turning down a job offer from an investment bank for $1 million. The co-founder of SUGAR Cosmetics now has all the knowledge necessary to create a brand after 10 years, $85.5 million in finance, and Rs. 500 crore in annualised income. Vineeta Singh, the Shark Tank judge who garnered the most affection in India. She has been successful in part due to her heart-centred leadership style, as well as her array of skills and perseverance.

How Did Vineeta Singh Decide To Become An Entrepreneur?

When discussing her career options with a lecturer at the age of 17, he suggested that she pursue entrepreneurship. She quickly readied herself to take that counsel and do as he said.

Vineeta graduated from IIT Madras and IIM Ahmedabad. Also, she embarked on her career with the belief that “You can be an entrepreneur only by being one.” We couldn’t agree more! She has proven through her work experiences and endeavours that she is capable of anything. Making herself one of the most formidable and likeable female entrepreneurs in the business.

How Did Vineeta Singh Start Her Career in the Beauty Industry?

In 2012, young women began to reject patriarchal standards and forge their paths. Vineeta Singh and Kaushik Mukherjee (Cofounder, SUGAR Cosmetics) foresaw an upsurge in the women’s beauty industry.

At that time, the concept for Fab Bag, a customisable subscription-based beauty kit, was conceived. This marked the start of an amazing young woman entrepreneur.

It’s difficult to fathom now, but Vineeta faced scepticism when launching her entrepreneurial venture in the early 2010s. But because of her spirit and self-confidence, she saved enough money and flew to Hong Kong alone to find better goods. Even when her plans were challenged, she remained unfazed, and as a result, a tremendously successful company was born. Vineeta played a key role in the company’s success in amassing a sizable customer. It is based on continuously developing its approach over the years.

How Does Vineeta Singh Handle Everything?

A mother. A wife. a daughter. A business person. A female business owner. A competitor. The shark. A guide.  How does she manage it all? In her LinkedIn article, Vineeta Singh writes, “Be brave, show up. You can start here.  Vineeta Singh believes in having the courage to show up at the starting line and the fortitude to continue on the course. Whether it was finishing a 21km marathon while six months pregnant or her first triathlon while carrying her 11-month-old baby (Goosebumps – every single time). She was never one to act out of fear.

The Four Hs Of Vineeta Singh’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Vineeta’s beauty kit, just released by SUGAR Cosmetics, had a resoundingly positive reception from customers. And was completely sold out within hours of going on sale. With more than 1 million downloads on app stores and becoming India’s top consumer brand on Instagram. The cosmetics company has experienced unprecedented growth. Vineeta Singh dominated the beauty market, starting with the launch of the first SUGAR store in 2019. She was continuing with the opening of 125+ unique stores today.

Vineeta Singh’s entrepreneurial path is a tale of the four Hs. The 4 Hs of powerhouse CEO, SUGAR Cosmetics, believes in hunger, hustle, humility, and humour. You can do what you set out to do if you have a burning desire, hustle in your actions, humility in your speech, and humour to construct it all.

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