How to Change Nominee in LIC?

One of the most popular insurance providers among Indians is Life Insurance Corporation (LIC). Several services are available through the LIC website portal for policyholders and new clients. However, as an online facility is not currently accessible, one must follow an offline procedure. In order to update a nominee in a LIC policy, you can also visit their website.

Just purchasing an insurance policy won’t be enough. You must also designate who will get the policy proceeds or sum insured in the event of your passing.

Who is the nominee in LIC?

A nominee is one who is chosen or named by the insured person while purchasing LIC insurance. Typically, the nominees are the spouse, kids, or parents of the policyholder. One or more nominees may be chosen by the insured person.

The nominee is the person to whom the insurance claim amounts would be payable in the sad event. It should be like something unfavourable occurs (concerning the insured) within the parameters of the policy conditions. Single, multiple, or alternate/successive nominations are all acceptable.

If a nominee is not covered by your policy, notify the department. Do it right away along with the necessary paperwork and policy information.

Under a Joint Life Policy, only a joint nomination is allowed. According to the LIC website, there cannot be a nomination in favour of a stranger. It is because there is no insurable interest and potential for moral hazard.

How can a LIC policy’s nominee be changed?

Modify the nominee in a LIC policy.

You could occasionally feel the urge to substitute another candidate for several reasons. If the candidate you selected is no longer there, that could be one of the causes. When that happens, you will need to choose a new nominee. It is even more crucial that you move forward with the procedure to change your nomination. If you do not believe the person is responsible enough to serve as the nominee of your insurance policy.

The nominee can be changed as many times as you like. You must submit a notice. It should be in the form of Form 3750 to the Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India. Additionally, alter your beneficiary.

You must provide information about the person you want to designate as the nominee for your insurance policy. Additionally, you are free to modify your beneficiary at any time without informing the current nominee.

Documents needed to Change Nominee in LIC

When a LIC policy’s nominee needs to be changed, specific documentation is required:

  • Form 3750
  • Relationship evidence proving the nominee is related to the policyholder
  • Contract for a policy (for endorsement).
  • Photocopy of the LIC policy

Make a note of these details while doing changes to the nominee

Do not forget the following before altering the nominee:

The nominee shall not have any right to change or control the policy during the life of the policyholder.

The sum will be paid to the nominee’s legal representatives if the nominee named by the policyholder passes away. Even after the policyholder’s death but before the insurer’s payment.


It’s possible that changing the candidate in a LIC policy cannot be done online. But you should still do it if you need to. Make sure you read and comprehend LIC Nominee Change Form 3750. It is because you will be supplying all pertinent information on the nominee change on it. Additionally, be sure to express your relationship with the new nominee clearly; otherwise, you risk incurring additional fees.

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