How to Start a Screen Printing Business?

Making a profit is among the scariest aspects of screen printing business. Printers want to stay profitable and competitive, but they also don’t want to charge too much or too little. How can home screen printing be profitable? Follow the blog “A Guide to Pricing Screen Printed Garments and Turning a Profit” and examine the following four stages to make money from DIY screen printing.

How profitable is the printing industry?

An owner of a printing company may typically expect to make roughly $100,000 per year. While there is no guarantee of income or success, there is a chance to make this much or perhaps more if you play your cards well. Printing companies or shops are locations where people can print their necessaries.

Steps to to Start a Screen Printing Business

Step 1: Overhead vs the specific job cost

You should have a low overhead as a DIY printer. You might possess a 150 kit, which includes a small press, ink, screens, squeegees, scoop coaters, an exposure bulb or small unit, and other items. Consider that you are using the Riley Hopkins 150 Complete Screen Printing Kit to print. Your final cost, before tax and shipping, is almost $1,900.

Step 2: Labour expenses for Screen Printing Business

Let’s factor in the value of your time when determining the price of shirts. You don’t have to worry about paying employees if you’re a lone printer. Your labour cost is calculated by multiplying the amount of time it takes you to print a shirt for a job by the hourly rate of labour.

Select the wage you want to receive for doing a position like this. Screen printing is a skilled occupation, hence the pay is probably over the minimum. Once that has been determined, you should figure out how much each print will cost in supplies.

Step 3: Materia costs for Screen Printing Business

Add the cost of the ink used in a job, the screens and emulsion used, and any other supplies you used, including cleaning chemicals or tape, to begin figuring out the cost of materials. These figures won’t remain unchangeable. Make an educated guess and use a calculator to assist you since you won’t be using the entire bucket of ink or the entire roll of tape (hopefully).

Step 4: Determine the Profit for Screen Printing Business

Most screen printers aim to turn a 20%–45% profit on the shirts they print. Check out nearby stores to see whether you’re competitive if you’re unsure if you’re doing it right. If you can’t keep up, think about printing something unique that those stores don’t have, such as screen prints on wood or specialised ink.

A Note from Marking Millions

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