How To Start Snow Cone Business In Five Easy Steps?

Being able to start a successful snow cone business makes it an appealing business idea. Due to the high markup on shaved ice and snow cones, each transaction generates a sizable profit. Snow cone stands to offer an excellent chance for a first business or additional cash stream due to their inexpensive start-up costs and low overhead, similar to other concession stand enterprises. Our detailed instructions will help you get started if you want to sell snow cones.

How Much Do Snow Cone Stands Earn?

According to studies, shaved ice and snow cone stands can make between $100 and $2,000 each day in sales. The wide range is necessary since location and selling season has a significant impact on the success of your shaved ice business. Looking at the product’s profit margin makes estimating how much money you can make selling shaved ice much easier.

These frosty treats, sometimes known as snow cones or snowballs, are a favourite across the nation. Learn the crucial steps to beginning your snow cone stand by reading our blog.

 1. Select Your Snow Cone Idea

It’s time to work on your concept if the large profit margin has persuaded you that a business is the correct choice for you. What kind of snow cone stand do you want to open? Select whether you want to start selling snow cones or shaved ice.

a) Ice Shaved Versus Snow Cone

These two frozen treats have some notable differences from one another. Ice is sculpted into snow cones, which are often served in cone-shaped cups. Hawaiian ice is made from light-as-air ice that has been finely chopped, and it is often served in a larger foam cup. Your notion will be shaped by the item you choose to sell. Shaved ice typically works better for long-term booths or food trucks, whereas snow cones are perfect for tiny carnival booths and concession stands.

b) Snow Cone’s name and logo

You must come up with a name and a logo as quickly as feasible for your shaved ice business. In this manner, you can personalise your supply for increased brand recognition. For clients to locate you, you also need to advertise your company on Google My Business.

 2. Location and Business Model for Snow Cones

The variety of business models available to run a business is one of its many benefits. Many business owners begin with a single stand before expanding to a permanent facility. Consider a few of the options possible:

a) Mobile Cart

It carts combine a snow cone maker with a mobile merchandising cart. Despite being small machines, they have room for all the equipment needed to manufacture snow cones.

b) Permanent Booth

A folding table and a shaved ice maker are all that are required to set up a stationary booth at an event. If you’re looking for something more long-term, you can rent out a booth at farmer’s markets, boardwalks, and concession stands at sporting events.

c) Food Truck

On steamy summer days, a snowball food truck may be just as well-liked as an ice cream truck. You have the freedom to visit residential neighbourhoods, parks, and events with a food truck business model.

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d) Brick-and-mortar storefront

Establishing a physical storefront is the most expensive option.

e) Seasonal vs. Year-Round

Since snow cones are a warm-weather delight, unless your business is located in a state like Texas or Florida, the best-selling season is in the summer. Due to the constant sunshine and comfortable temperatures, you can function in all four seasons.

3. Create a business plan for Snow cones

Although they may look scary, business plans aren’t as difficult as you would believe. A strong business plan lays out your idea, your objectives, and how you’ll turn a profit. A business plan is necessary if you want to operate a shop because you’ll probably need to get financing for it. However, if you’re just getting started with a little mobile cart or stand, the business plan can only be a tool to keep you organised. Each company strategy is divided into pieces that resemble the following:

The executive summary, which should be the first element of your business plan, is best written last.

a) Company Overview

In this overview, you should provide more specific information about your company. What is your goal statement and why do you want to start a stand?

b) Concept and Menu

Cover your business’s concept and the kinds of snow cones or shaved ice you’ll be selling in your concept and menu. Perhaps you have your eye on a variety of toppings and flavour combinations.

c) Management and Ownership Structure

If you intend to operate your shave ice business alone without hiring any staff, you should keep this part to a minimum.

d) Staffing requirements

As said above, you might not need personnel at the moment. But if you want to grow your company in the future, planning for the number of staff you’ll need now will be helpful.

e) Competitor Analysis

In this part, describe your target market and evaluate any nearby competitors selling snow cones.

What marketing and advertising strategies will you employ for your stand? Don’t overlook the low-cost possibility of increasing your company’s presence on social networking networks.

4. Start-up Costs for a Snow Cone Stand snow cone machine

According to estimates, the entire cost to open a snow cone stand ranges from $4,000 to $10,000. A snow cone stand has relatively low entry requirements when it comes to new enterprises. The venture may be entirely self-funded because of the cheap startup costs. Start-up costs for a brick-and-mortar storefront should be comparable to those for a brand-new restaurant. As opposed to renting or purchasing your business premises, stands, portable carts and even food trucks are more economical.

When you open a snow cone stand, you’ll have to pay the following key expenses:

  • Snack-Cone Maker
  • Snack Cart with Snow Cones

5. Licences and Permits for Snow Cone Stands

What Licencing is required for a Snow Cone Stand?

The following is a list of the fundamental licences you’ll require to open your snow cone stand:

a) Business licence

To operate lawfully, all new enterprises must have a business licence. You can hire staff if you have an Employer Identification Number (EIN), which is registered with the IRS.

b) Food Service Licence

Just like a restaurant, you need to get a food service licence to prove that your food truck or snow cone cart has undergone a health department inspection and is safe to operate.

c) Food Handler’s Permit

The majority of states need that at least one employee of your company pass a food safety course and receive a food handler’s permit.

d) Permits for Special Events

To sell snow cones on-site at special events like fairs or festivals, you must register. You need to register as a vendor and obtain permission.

e) Parking Permits

 You must have the appropriate parking permits if you run a food truck or caravan business.

A Note from Marking Millions

Small, single-location stands to larger companies or franchises. Stands with numerous stands or mobile trucks are all types of snow cone businesses. The business model is very flexible; while snow cone stands can be set up in a fixed site, many owners prefer to operate a mobile operation that can be transported to various events.

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