How To Start Your Hair (Wig) Business With No Money in 2023?

If you’re still wondering how to establish a hair or wig business online in 2021 without any money or how to get a free job as a wholesale hair distributor, read on. In this tutorial, Honest Hair Factory, a speciality human hair vendor with extensive expertise in the hair market, will show you how to launch a home-based hair business in 2023 with no capital and no inventory.

Wigs are worn by people for a variety of reasons, including hair loss, thinning hair, costumes, and dissatisfaction with their hair. For special events, people will occasionally wear wigs, such as lace front wigs. Many wigs are styled like Lady Gaga, who even has her wig maker.

You might open an online wig shop, assist customers in achieving their desired looks, and earn a small portion of the $350 million US market. You could even create the next Unice, a sizable wig manufacturer.

Also, you must first comprehend the procedure for starting a firm, nonetheless. Fortunately, this step-by-step manual contains all the information you require and will set you on the road to opening your wig shop.

How profitable is the wig business?

Wigs made with human hair cost $200 or more. Wigs created to order might cost $400 or more. These calculations will be based on a $150 per sale assumption. After deducting the costs of purchasing or making the wigs, your profit margin if you’re selling online should be around 50%.

Steps to Launch Your Hair (Wig) Company?

1. Research the wig business market and learn about professional hair techniques

While learning about hair products online is the most practical method, it could be challenging for you to acquire the fundamentals.

If you can locate opportunities for personal experiences, such as working for a local hair business like a barbershop or wig retailer, this will not only help you understand the market and client needs but also allow you to gain more professional knowledge of the hairdressing sector.

You can also receive more detailed information from your partners if you already have a dependable hair/wig product supplier.

2. Create your sale planning and establish your customer base for your wig business (free marketing strategies)

How will you make money? Determine your consumer base and sales channels at this time (you want to avoid spending money on advertising and promotion). We hope that you are not just someone who has bogus intentions when you wish to start them. New market gaps that can be filled have been found as a result of the enormous profits being made. so that you can more precisely supply potential customers with the things they require. You must have a thorough plan on how to achieve it before starting this adventure because the goal of a profit-making institution is to have income.

3. Become a retailer or distributor for reputable hair vendors (free product information and inventory)

Starting a hair business requires a reliable hair supply, especially if you want to make a low-cost or even no-cost investment, which implies you don’t need or wish to have extra money for an inventory. How can you sell hair products to your customers if you don’t have any on hand? You can order the product from your hair vendor, who can drop-ship the product to your customer or you in time, after receiving payment from your customer. Finding a dependable and long-term hair supplier is therefore necessary; of course, reliable quality and a reasonable price are equally crucial (a reputable producer of hair and wig products can guarantee this).

We can now purchase nearly anything from anywhere in the globe without leaving our homes because of the advancement of network technology. As a result, you don’t need to spend a lot of money renting and furnishing a physical store to begin your fictitious accident. You can set up a store on major B2C platforms (like eBay and Amazon), build a page on Facebook, and carry out live sales on YouTube, TikTok, and other video platforms without making any investments. You can use all of these as quick and efficient sales channels for your hair and wig items.

4. Increase Client Retention and maintain Unlimited Sales in wig business (Zero-Cost Client Maintenance)

You may either generate explosive themes yourself (such as free competitions, hair extension application tutorials, and wig recommendations) to attract unrestricted attention and boost your sales, or you can identify the key influencers in your business across numerous platforms and reach out to them for collaboration. To get dependable recurring business, give your consumers access to flawless online services whenever they need them and offer special discounts to long-term, devoted customers (such as salon owners and beauty school students).

How much should wig business cost?

Depending on the wig’s style and the materials used, wig prices change. Wigs made of synthetic materials cost $40 to $120. Prices for personalised wigs and human hair range from $200 to $2,000 per item. Try to increase the price of your products from wholesale levels by roughly 100%.

When you are aware of your costs, you can use this step-by-step profit margin calculator to determine your markup and final pricing points. Remember that if the market demands it, the rates you use at launch should be flexible.

A Note from Marking Millions

On the top end, companies that sell personalised medical wig business can make more than $10,000 per month. Businesses that sell $40 fashion wigs probably won’t sell enough of them each month to make this much money, but they can still make a consistent profit and they frequently experience a substantial increase in sales around Halloween.

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