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The open house provides a unique marketing opportunity for building dealers. When it comes to generating goodwill, meeting face-to-face with customers, and demoing to a huge, captive audience all in one day, no other technique compares.

7 Ways to Make Your Open House Events Better

The seven ingredients of a successful open house that will make or break your next event are as follows.

1. Make a budget and a plan for the Open House business

This is at the top of the list because it is the most significant. Setting a budget determines how much you intend to spend on your open house. It also keeps future expenses and shocks under control. Your plan will be dictated by your event expectations as well as your budget.

This is first on the list since it is the most important. Setting a budget establishes how much money you intend to spend on your open house. It also prevents out-of-control costs and surprises down the road. Your strategy will be based on your expectations for the event as well as your budget.

A public relations event is an open house. This is your chance to put your best foot forward, so make sure everything is properly thought out. Your plan should be created at least two months before the event, with clear task owners and due dates. It’s also a good idea to designate someone as the point person to keep everyone on track. Detail-oriented employees make the finest project managers.

2. Provide a Reason for Them to Leave

This may sound apparent, yet your customers are busy and value their time. If you ask people to give up a piece of their busy workday or spare time, you must provide a compelling rationale. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Distribute Good Food: If your concept of a huge celebration is hot dogs and flags, it’s time to expand your horizons. Food is a big pull, and it’s more significant than you think. Consider having the gathering catered, or if you know a grill expert, hire a large grill and do the cooking yourself.
  • Make It a Family Event: Many of your clients value family time. Offering games, face painting, bounce castles, pyrotechnics, and other activities will attract contractors with families eager to entertain their children.
  • Decorate the Space: You want your open house to be a fun and memorable event. Decorate with balloons, signs, flowers, and plants to make it more festive.
  • Make a Raffle: Consider giving away prizes such as iPads, TVs, or merchandise. You can also set up demo stations and hand out punch cards to guests. They receive a prize after visiting each station.
  • Shake Things Up: Looks for new ways to innovate and improve the experience with each event. Consider themes based on the seasons or current events.

3. Select the Appropriate Time for Open House business

This one is straightforward. Avoid arranging your open house over holidays, major sporting events, graduations, terrible weather, or any other period when clients might be unable to attend. Fridays are usually the busiest days but avoid two-day events. There is often no discernible increase in attendance for two-day events, making your open house feel less successful.

4. Keep your presence in mind

While future sales will undoubtedly follow any event, remember the true purpose of your open house: public relations. Your goal is to build consumer trust, entertain them, and educate them about your products and services. This is not the time to finalise transactions. Make a point of thanking everyone.

5. Marketing Campaigns List of Open House business

Your event, like any marketing strategy, is only as good as your list. Invite all of your branch customers, but additionally, invite each of your best customers personally. They will enjoy the personalised care and are more inclined to attend.

But what about equipment owners that aren’t on your client list? You can uncover possible prospects in your territory by using the Economic Development Administration’s nationwide database of equipment buyers. You can target prospects based on region, fleet size, or equipment acquired using EDA’s online search option. Fresh prospects will provide your sales team with new prospects to pursue and will assist you in finding more possible purchasers to bring to your open house.

Call each registered guest to confirm their participation two days before the presentation. You’ll be surprised at how many more folks show up. With this easy strategy, you may expect a 60-70% attendance rate.

6. The difference between good and great is in the details

It’s often the tiny things that make or ruin an open house:

  • Assign one person to clean the business continuously during the open house
  • Have a host greet visitors at the front door.
  • Make sure you have enough parking
  • Provide instructions to the office
  • Consider music or live entertainment
  • Provide name tags for all visitors and your staff
  • Have lots of garbage cans near food areas
  • Have a room set apart for individuals to eat
  • Inform your neighbours and invite them to help you resolve the problem.

7. Follow Up

This should go without saying, but you’d be amazed at how many vendors neglect to follow up with attendees. After the event, send a list of all attendees to the account owners and hold them accountable for reaching out. Calls could be a simple thank you for visiting or an attempt to extend a conversation and begin the sales cycle. It’s also critical to follow up on no-shows. Let them know they were missed and that they were cherished, even though they couldn’t make it.

A Note from Marking Millions

A good open house can be quite beneficial to your branch. They frequently result in future revenue increases and can greatly strengthen your relationship with clients. The key to putting on a good concert is having a solid strategy in place and sticking to it.

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