Show No Towels: Shark Tank Update After the Show

The mother of two sons Shelley Ehler found it difficult to challenge two young children at once when they were both in the water. At that moment, she had the concept for Show No Towels. while wearing a shawl and a bath towel? With this one, it is doable. She obtained a patent for her towel and granted licences to California water parks like LEGOLAND, Mountain, and Six Flags Magic.

With this towel wrapping, any outfit may be dressed up or down. Nobody will take your towel if you leave it out when you enter the pool area according to the straightforward idea behind Show No Towel. Show No Towels was established by Shelley Ehler. Two boys were born to her. She realised she couldn’t help her children change them together while she was swimming in the sea one day.

This is where the concept for this original towel originated. It only functions as a poncho because of a hole in the centre of a bath towel. They aimed to make finding towels easier and fairer for pool users after they had completed swimming. Additionally, the organisers made an effort to make the event more enjoyable by making it difficult for attendees to steal towels from other people’s possessions.

How Does Show No Towels Operate?

What’s On The idea behind changing swimsuits in public while maintaining moderate degrees is new.

It works well as a beach cover-up or blanket as well. Shelley has contacted the Sharks to ask for their assistance in spreading Show No to water parks.

In addition to using social media, the business owner produces, distributes, and sells the goods directly to the customer. She has not entered distribution networks or retail establishments like Amazon because she believes it is easier to sell directly to the customer. Shelley continues to produce and sell her things out of her house.

Who Established Show No Towels?

Show No Towel is a business owned by Shelley Ehler. She found it difficult to help both of her children change at once one day while she was at the pool. That’s when the idea for Show No Towels came to be.

It resembles a bath towel with a hole in the centre and a poncho-like shape. Every Show No Towel is produced for $6.50, but the water parks sell them for $9.00 each on the wholesale market.  They are each $19.99.

The largest order, from the corporation, was for 240 towels, which resulted in revenues of $15,000 for this young company.   It’s no secret that successful entrepreneur Shelley Ehler developed a unique idea into a flourishing firm. Because they were motivated by it, they develop a novel remedy to a problem they observe on a worldwide scale and made it readily available on the market. Similar traits might also apply to Shelley. Finding a place where children can fast adjust has proven to be challenging for many families.

This creative businessman was spurred on by a straightforward notion, developed the concepts into a useful product, and operated a business. One of her most well-known achievements was trading in a set of personalised curtains for a patent application that resulted in the Show No patent. Nobody thinks it enables toddlers to change into a different bathing suit in public while still maintaining a certain level of modesty. Additionally, it can be utilise as a beach blanket or cover-up.

Before Shark Tank, display no towels business

Shelley Ehler had a simple idea for a business that she developed into a prosperous enterprise. They identified a simple solution to an issue they saw in the environment and put it into practice.

Families occasionally struggle to find a location where their kids can put on and take off their swimming costumes without being hassled.

An instance like this can profit from Shelley’s Show No. The core of the slit-style towel known as “Show No” is made to fit over your child’s head as they bathe. No matter how long your children play in the pool, on the beach, or in the bath, this excellent item will help them dry off quickly. The remainder of the towel will cover your kids’ bodies as they change out of their wet garments, shielding them from the elements.

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How much money do the sharks on Shark Tank have in their fins?

The collective net worth of the Sharks on Shark Tank is $29,85 billion. Mark Cuban, who has a net worth of $ 17.31 billion, is the richest shark. He is followed by Lori Greiner, who has a $500 million fortune. Robert Herjavec is another, however, he only has a net worth of $200 million.

Latest News: Is Show No Towels Still in Operation?

The company was valued at $200,000 at the presentation, but when Lori invested, its value increased to $300,000. For personal reasons, Shelley closed her doors in 2016, and as of 2021, the extent of her riches is unknown. She revived the company in 2018 and resumed selling the products online, however, the company will close once more in August 2020.

After Shark Tank didn’t work out for six years, Shelley wrote in a blog post last August that she entered into an arrangement with Lori Greiner. They once yelled at the shark that had been invested for kicking them, Shelley continued. The Show No Towels online store is no longer open to customers.

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