Your Debit Card Got Stuck in an ATM, What Now?

One of those inventions that has assimilated itself into our life is the ATM. Can you envision life without ATMs? We don’t want to because it made managing money simple, time-saving, convenient, and on the go. However, they are not without faults. ATMs will eventually become obsolete, much like the VCR did. With the development of technology, cash withdrawals are becoming less necessary thanks to e-wallets, debit card machines at businesses, and internet transfers.

Two different kinds of ATMs

There are typically two categories of ATMs.

  • One enables you to just swipe your card in the slot and continue making purchases.
  • The other has a slot into which your card is placed. Only once the ATM has swallowed it are transactions possible.

Your card will be released following the transaction. Your card may become stuck inside one of these ATMs, which is a risk.

How come my debit card gets stuck?

Your debit card is swallowed by ATMs and kept there for several reasons:

  • Connection error
  • Customer’s delay in entering information
  • Repeatedly entering the incorrect details
  • Fluctuations in power
  • Technical difficulties
  • A bad climate

If it begins to pour while you are in the middle of a transaction, the ATM may hang and hold onto your card. In essence, the ATM eats your card to protect you if it notices something that could be fraudulent or expose you to fraud.

How should I proceed?

In these circumstances, the majority of us panic. You wouldn’t get cash from an ATM if you required it right away. Making peace with the circumstance and trying the following is the best course of action:

  • Press the cancel button to end the transaction, then wait.
  • Verify that the transaction has been cancelled.
  • Call your bank right away if the card still does not come out.
  • Describe the occurrence in detail, including the bank’s name, the time, and the location.
  • The bank may be able to retrieve the Debit card and have it delivered to you if you used an ATM belonging to the same institution as the card.
  • They will block the card and provide you with a new one for ATMs operated by other banks. Most banks offer this service for free. It’s uncommon for banks to charge you for new Debit cards.

Advice on how to survive without a debit card in your wallet

Customers and businesses can benefit greatly from the ease that debit and credit cards provide. Those who possess cards may find it challenging to function without one, even for a short period. However, there are methods for surviving until a new one appears.

Visit your bank and ask for a replacement card if you need one right now. A replacement card will be issued by many banks. Keep your identity on you at all times. The bank lacks authorization to provide a card without verifying identification.

Filling out a cheque payable to yourself and cashing it at your bank is a quick way to receive cash.

If you don’t have a chequebook, visit your bank, complete a withdrawal form, and cash it as you normally would. You would receive your money, however, it might take a little longer.

A quick and simple alternative would be to move your funds via online or mobile banking to another account and withdraw them using that debit card if you’re out of town or urgently need the money. However, other banks, like ICICI, may demand numbers from the grid they offer on the back of your Debit card to confirm your transaction online, making this impractical.

You’re fine to go if you managed to store this information safely in your mind or somewhere else.

If you don’t have access to another bank account, you may send the money to a friend you can trust, and ask them to make a withdrawal on your behalf.

You could also borrow money from friends or family members until your new card comes.

Finally, you might go on a search mission throughout your home to look for any hidden cash you may have. Don’t forget to look inside your jeans’ pockets!


Never forget that calling the bank right away and informing them via customer service. It is the most crucial thing to do when you experience any problems with your card. The bank will take care of the issue right away by barring the debit card. Also, prevent any further fraudulent activity. You will be protected from financial loss from your savings account or from using your credit card. Keep the customer service number for your bank written down at all times. If not, you can always look it up on Google, on your chequebook, or in the welcome package.

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